Demolition of Richemont thermal power station

The last building at the Richemont thermal power station, to the north of Metz, was demolished by controlled explosion on 22 July, almost 10 years after the power station shut down. After spending 2 years working with the demolition teams on site, CHRONO Flex’s local team were able to attend the end of an era.

richemont power station demolition

The demolition work on the EDF power station was carried out by our client Avenir Déconstruction, a specialist demolition company, who entrusted us with repairing hoses on their machinery. That’s why we were invited to watch this spectacular building implosion up close, along with local people and former workers at the site, and got to see the whole building turn to rubble in the blink of an eye!

The Moselle prefecture took a number of safety precautions. There was a perimeter of 300 metres around the former power station, and the A31 motorway was closed during the event (so that drivers weren’t distracted, surprised by the noise or exposed to a cloud of dust).

The structure was 45 metres tall and 94 metres long, but was very quickly demolished. Water jets had been put in place to channel the smoke. The noise was similar to a firework, thanks to staggered timings of the explosions.

This iconic industrial edifice was built in 1950 on a 52 hectare site. The power station employed 500 people and could provide enough electricity to power a city of 500,000 people. Two more years will be needed to rehabilitate the site. All of the rubble will now be sorted: 15,000 tonnes of scrap metal and 40,000 tonnes of concrete, destined to be completely recycled as government policy encourages.

The story doesn’t end there. EDF has begun discussions with various companies about using the site from 2020 onwards, so there’s more to be announced in due course!

See this incredible demolition for yourself:


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