What is a hydraulic hose?

Hydraulic hoses are all around us, from industrial machines to diggers and other vehicles. They aren’t just used by professionals: you can also find hydraulic hoses in your own home and garage, for example in pressure washers.

But what exactly is a hydraulic hose? What does a hydraulic hose look like?

A hydraulic hose is a tube covered in rubber with two ends, which can feature crimped ferrules and threaded fittings. In order to function, it needs to be properly sealed. There are several criteria to bear in mind when choosing or making a hydraulic hose, for example the diameter, length and pressure.

What is a hydraulic hose for?

Hydraulic hoses can contain liquids or gases. You can find them in tractors, forklifts, pallet stackers and dump trucks. Hydraulic hoses allow trucks to lift their trailers, or backhoe loaders (known colloquially as diggers) to move their buckets.

How is a hydraulic hose made?

To make a hydraulic hose, you need specialised tools such as a saw, a crimper and a stripper. CHRONO Flex is a business specialising in the creation of made-to-measure hydraulic hoses. We offer a range of services to our clients, including made-to-order hoses, on site repairs and preventative maintenance.

To find out more, read our article about how hydraulic hoses are made.

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