Safe Water Cube: drinking water for all

The mission of Agir Ensemble is simple: to change the world by making a meaningful difference, providing clean drinking water to those who need it. The charity has lots of work ahead, given that a third of the world is currently without access to clean water.

Safe Water Cube

The adventure begins

The collaboration between Agir Ensemble and CHRONO Flex has been a fruitful one. It began when a staff member wanted to set up a company sponsorship for a charity providing access to clean drinking water to those in need. More than 2 million people die each year due to the poor quality of their drinking water.

During his research, Mickaël came across Jean-Paul Augereau and his innovative Safe Water Cube pump. This simple and effective solution can meet the daily needs of 1,000 people, producing 1,000 litres of water per hour. It doesn’t require any power. The association recommends that 3 residents of the village work managing the water.

How it works

Each family pays 50 centimes per month for access to drinking water from the pump (this contribution represents 1/20,000th of the average wage in developing countries. The pump water goes through 5 non-chemical filtration stages that remove mud, earth and sand as well as all water-borne bacteria and viruses. Maintenance is easy, as the filter only needs to be changed every 4 months and cleaning uses only water and a few drops of white vinegar.

Safe Water Cube pump

Agir Ensemble’s first goal is to place the pumps in schools. This means children can have unlimited free access to drinking water, giving them the opportunity to enjoy good health as they go through their school years. This project also helps to reduce rural depopulation and spread awareness about the importance of drinking clean water.

Shared vision

The inov-On group’s vision is “Working together for a better world”, so of course the company was keen to support an initiative such as the Safe Water Cube. Lots of energy went into fundraising, and as a result a few days ago a pump was installed in Benin in partnership with the Fondation Raoul Follereau. Two thousand people now have access to clean drinking water in the village on L’île d’Agonvé near Cotonou, halting the spread of diseases caused by dirty water.

According to the charity, just 2,600 Safe Water Cube pumps could save the lives of 2.6 million people across the world. It makes you want to spring into action, doesn’t it? We’re feeling ready to try again! Watch this space…

Safe Water Cube pump child

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