General Conditions of Repairs 2019

Applicable to the exclusion of any general terms and conditions of purchase in the relations between the customer or its agents and CHRONO Flex or its agents, except special conditions signed by the parties.


The quotes signed by the client establish a firm commitment on the parts prices, furniture and labour, subject to a variation in plus or minus ten percent, depending on the quantity changes, for the programmed service. This commitment is valid for fifteen days.

The cleaning, dismantling, reassembling fees for the purpose of drawing up an estimation and the estimation itself, as well as those of a possible security guard, are billable and payable in cash when the said estimation is not acted upon by the customer.


The execution period are given only as an indication. Possible delay can not give rise to any damage and interest.


In order to accomplish the mission accordingly, the owner of the equipment must make available to the service provider all the necessary equipment required for the proper execution of the work, in the safety rules necessary for the protection of people and property. He complies with the special health and safety requirements applicable to the work carried out in an establishment by an outside company (R 4512-6 and following of the labour code (work code)); by providing by a prevention plan the security indications needed to realise the service or by giving to the CHRONO Flex technician the information needed for the security diagnostic, fulfilled informatically.


The work requests are received by phone – 0 826 10 5000 -, or on mobile support through the CHRONO flex app and billed according to the CHRONO Flex tarification in progress on the day of the intervention, except particular conditions agreed by CHRONO Flex with the client.

The data collected and typed during the request are accepted as proof betweens the parties.

The tarifications and implantation basis are available on the website, as well as the commercial offers provided via flyers, brochures, catalogues, etc. are editables without notice.


The client representative present on site signs, if present, with or without observation, the delivery note given by the CHRONO Flex’s technician on computer support or, alternatively, paper support. It allows him to acknowledge the content of the service which will be invoiced.

Unless the client chose the paying option, the technician won’t take the used parts.

The repairs are guaranteed during one year for a full brand new replacement, except parts subjects to wear. In the event of a disorder noted during these period following the work, the owner must notify the repairer by mail with acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours in order to enable him to make any relevant facts. The liability of CHRONO Flex may in no case be invoked when the repaired equipment has been disassembled outside its presence or when any third party has carried out a repair after the disputed repair, or when the user  has not complied with the manufacturer’s operating requirements.

The warranty is limited to the replacement of defective equipment upon commissioning. In no case can CHRONO Flex be held responsible for a bad choice, misuse or normal wear. In the event of proven liability for damage to the equipment entrusted to the repairer, the latter’s liability shall be limited to the restoration or replacement of the said equipment.

CHRONO Flex declines all responsibility for any indirect or immaterial prejudice such as turnover loss, and/or loss of profit.


The spare parts incorporated in the equipment that have been repaired remain the property of CHRONO Flex until full payment of the price. The client bears the risks of the equipment upon completion of the service, and take responsibility as if he were the owner: he remains obliged to pay the price, even in the event of disappearance including accidental and/or superior force.


The payment is to be made as soon as the invoice is received, and to the coordinates mentioned in the invoice. The nights, weekends and public holidays interventions must be paid in cash upon presentation of the delivery note.

When the customer has to assign a purchase order number to validate the invoice, 3 € (excluding VAT) will be charged if he has still not communicated it, by any means, at the latest 5 working days after the dispatch of the intervention report. In case of late payment, the client is automatically liable for the lump sum payment for recovery costs, which is 40 €, as well as late penalties by an amount equal to the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank at its refinancing operation in force at the begging of the six-month period, plus 10%. (C. com. L 441-6, I-al. 12)

Invoices are payable net of discount. No compensation may be applied in the event of non-compliance of services.

Since CHRONO Flex has no legal relationship with the customer’s insurer, the latter remains solely responsible for paying for the work even if the cost of the repair must be covered in whole or in part by the insurer.


Any dispute resulting from a remedy falls under the jurisdiction of the Nantes Commercial Court.




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