Waste management

Doing our part, alongside our clients

Because we work to create long-term, sustainable relationships, we are keen to support our clients as they develop. In this way, CHRONO Flex works to ensure the effective management of waste products in accordance with authorised waste disposal processes.

Tomorrow’s environment needs our help today!

waste management

How does it work?

○  If the client manages hose disposal themselves: 

After carrying out the work, CHRONO Flex leaves the used hose for the client to manage.

○  If CHRONO Flex manages hose disposal:

If the client agrees, CHRONO Flex takes the used hose and ensures it is correctly disposed of.

○  What happens to the waste afterwards?

In partnership with a waste management company:

  1. We collect the waste after carrying out the work.
  2. We store it in special containers.
  3. The waste management company weighs and recovers the component materials.
  4. Information is recorded on an industrial waste tracking slip.
  5. The materials are reused or processed in the most environmentally sound manner.

How must does waste management cost?

The cost is calculated in terms of the weight of the used part shown on the work reports, and guarantees the total traceability of your waste.

Why is this necessary?

Our hoses are made of 3 materials: rubber, steel and oil. These components don’t break down naturally after use.

Reducing the amount of waste we produce is everyone’s responsibility, which is why you now have more options in how your used hoses are disposed of.

In 2018, we are launching a new process that involves showing the impact of waste in terms of weight and treatment costs on all our client invoices, and guaranteeing proper traceability for all waste products from our work.

The company PRAXY, a national service provider, is supporting us in living up to our policy of environmental protection and enabling us to comply with the regulations in force on the treatment of hazardous waste.

We also want to take part in the conversation about this common problem across various industries, so we are part of FEDEREC. The Fédération des Entreprises du Recyclage has 1,300 members, from tiny businesses to huge organisations, working in collecting, sorting and reusing industrial and household waste, or trading/brokering recycled materials.

This environmental policy for waste management is part of our overall company aim: “working together for a better world”.

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