The call-out process

You contact CHRONO Flex to request a call-out, either over the phone on +33 (0)826 10 5000, viaour mobile app or on our dedicated website.

Recording of your request


Our Customer Services Centre is waiting to hear from you 24/7. We’ll tell you how long it will take for someone to reach you.

Reception of the request by the technician


Our IT system instantly sends a new task to our technician.

Diagnostic and repair


When they arrive on site, they carry out a safety assessment, locate the problem and take a photo of the machine before the repair. The hose is removed and a duplicate is created, engraved and reattached.

Report writing


When the work is completed, our technician draws up their report electronically on our integrated system and takes a photo of the replaced hose.

Signature of the intervention’s report


You sign their call-out report. All the relevant information is sent to you within 2 working days.

Experience a CHRONO Flex intervention!