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Create your own intership at inov-On!

Thinking about an internship? Would you like to develop your skills at a company that values your happiness?

Inov-On is a family-owned group, a proving ground for ideas with 7 businesses and 350 team members developing innovative services day in, day out.

The twin pillars of our success here at Inov-On are performance and happiness. If we’re not happy, we can’t perform at our best. And if we don’t perform at our best, we can’t be happy in the long term.

That’s the lesson we learned together when we chose to move from a top-down group to a liberated one on 7 January 2012.

We believe in openness and curiosity about the world around us. Our vision: Working together for a better world!

Joining Inov-on, means:

  • Working collaboratively and being part of company decisions
  • Meeting highly motivated professionals
  • Experiencing real innovation in a friendly, collegial workplace
  • Working towards happiness for all, together.
  • Discovering your talents and making the most of your potential

An Inov-On internship is about you as an individual, so we take an à la carte approach. Together we can design a task or project that can help you blossom, based on your talents and career direction.

inov ton stage

We’re always looking for talented people in the following areas:

  • PR and Communications
  • Sales and Customer Services
  • Marketing
  • Events
  • Web development
  • Human Resources & Employer Branding
  • Logistics

Where? At our headquarters in St Herblain (44)

Ready to be part of something special?

Send an email to with the subject “Inov-ative internship + internship area” with your internship suggestion, available dates and whatever you think we’ll find most convincing.

Use your imagination!