Safety and the environment

CHRONO Flex has a strong commitment to safety and systematically conducts safety assessments before carrying out any work.

Why this approach ?

The safety assessment is a simple, quick and clear form completed by our technicians before starting each job. It allows them to analyse potential risks at your site, where several companies may be operating.

They can then take into account any risk factors present in the situation and adapt their work to the site and the risks involved.

How does it work ?

  • Call-out details:When taking down the details of the call-out, our Customer Services Centre will ask you about the safety measures at your site.
  • Information transfer:Our technician receives safety information via their PDA.
  • Establishing precautions:Before carrying out the work, our technician fills out a safety assessment with you, and asks you to sign it on their PDA.They can then adjust their way of working and safety equipment to mitigate the risks.

Our actions

On site, we use the following general steps to keep risks to a minimum:

  • Wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE):
    • Safety helmet
    • Gloves
    • Safety footwear
    • Hi-vis vest
    • Safety harness
  • Taping off the area and using signage to prevent access to the machine while the work is being carried out.
  • Class 2 signage on all vehicles.
  • Initial and continuing training.
  • Machine test carried out by qualified on site operator.

Why this approach ?

Our hoses are made of 3 materials: rubber, steel and oil. After use, these components don’t break down naturally.

CHRONO Flex works to ensure the effective management of these materials in accordance with authorised waste disposal processes.

How does it work ?

Do you want to manage the disposal of your used hoses yourselves?

After carrying out the work, we’ll leave the used hose for you to dispose of appropriately.

Do you want us to dispose of your used hoses?

If you ask us to, we’ll collect the used hose and dispose of it appropriately after carrying out the work.

What do used hydraulic hoses become ?

In partnership with a waste management company:

  • We take away used hoses after carrying out the work.
  • We store them in dedicated containers.
  • The waste management company weighs and recovers the component materials.
  • Information is recorded on a tracking and delivery slip.
  • The materials are reused or processed in the most environmentally sound manner.

How much does it cost?

€3.50 per hose processed.

This price includes collection, storage costs, appropriate processing and traceability for your waste products.