Preventive maintenance

CHRONO Flex is a company known for its expertise in making hydraulic hoses and its fast response times. Maintenance support is also one of our great strengths. CHRONO Flex regularly carries out preventative work for clients, anticipating potential problems with hydraulic hoses. Year round preventative maintenance is a useful precaution to ensure productivity remains high.

CHRONO Flex, action and prevention on your hydraulic hoses

“A stitch in time saves nine” says the proverb, and CHRONO Flex’s experience in hose maintenance certainly bears that out. Any business could have a problem with a hydraulic hose. When something goes wrong, you need quick, on site repairs.

To prevent these kinds of problems, CHRONO Flex services include regular on site support to check your hydraulic hoses are in good condition. This useful precaution means you can avoid a range of problems, reducing the risk of hoses bursting on site. It also helps your company to make a great impression by having reliable equipment.

Not to mention improved safety for your employees!


Regular follow up for a better performance

This kind of support from CHRONO Flex can involve work in our workshop or on your site, with no travel fee charged. After assessing your facilities, your CHRONO Flex technician will identify which hoses are in need of replacement. Once they have your permission, your specialist will replace those hoses with identical ones created on site in their mobile unit.

With CHRONO Flex hydraulic hose preventative maintenance, you can rest assured the risk of hoses rupturing and machines breaking down is greatly diminished.  The CHRONO Flex network structure means that over time you can build up a relationship with an individual professional hydraulic hose technician who knows your business and can help you optimise performance.

When you put your trust in our technician, your loyalty is rewarded through CHRONO Flex’s MyChrono scheme.