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CHRONO Flex’s strength also comes from close co-operation with other partner businesses in the same group: inov-On. The group has expanded into new areas where we saw an opportunity to either meet our customers’ other needs, or simply provide a great service: electrician services, composite box container manufacture, IT solutions for mobile workforces, tailgate repair and construction site solutions.


Onsite tailgate repair

As well as repairing broken hoses, CHRONO Flex can also help if your tailgate has broken.

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on +33 (0)826 10 5000 (€0.15 incl. tax/min)


Building site solution

CHRONO Flex is always looking to help you save time and money. One solution we offer is to provide a fully fitted-out unit with all the parts and tools you need to repair hoses yourselves.

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on +33 (0)826 10 5000 (€0.15 incl. tax/min)


CHRONO Box, composit and adaptable cells conceptor

Made with an innovative vacuum resin technique, CHRONO Box’s composite box containers are ultra-strong but ultra-light. Not only does CHRONO Box supply all the box containers for the CHRONO Flex fleet of vehicles, it also sells its boxes externally and can tailor them to your requirements.

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CHRONO Link, software solutions expert for moving fleet

CHRONO Link develops and markets IT solutions (web and mobile apps) designed to optimise the work of mobile teams (drivers, technicians, salespeople etc.).

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