Hydraulic hose repair

Hydraulic hoses are now omnipresent in the production process for many companies working in the construction, transport and industry sectors. If this sounds like your business, you need to be able to count on a service provider that is constantly available and able to respond quickly: you need CHRONO Flex.

Technicians available 24/7 to repair your hydraulic hoses throughout France

Our responsive and independent mobile units can come straight to your site. We have local technicians across the whole of France, ready to respond 24/7. Having access to immediate help means you can minimise the time your machines are offline, maintaining optimal productivity!

Once we have taken down the details of the problem and your location, we immediately dispatch a technician to your site (average arrival time 60 minutes).

Our hydraulic hose specialists can repair your equipment or create a new part or tube if required. Our team member will first ensure the area is safe with a safety assessment, then get to work.

From our initial assessment to the installation of the new hydraulic hose to the final call-out report (see our process), CHRONO Flex offers a comprehensive, high quality service!


A regular follow up by skilled technicians


Our travelling assistance teams can produce or recreate hydraulic hoses on site to precise specifications. Our technicians have tools and supplies ready in their mobile workshop.

Every time we finish a piece of work, we create a call-out report detailing the situation, complete with photos. CHRONO Flex guarantees its hydraulic hoses for an entire year (parts and labour).

Our expertise in repairing hydraulic hoses also extends to regular maintenance, and our technicians can keep your equipment running smoothly.

Our technicians specialise in repairing hydraulic hoses and can come out to your site quickly in case of emergency. Their technical expertise can get your workflow moving again.

Thanks to our fleet of 270 workshop-vehicles, we cover the whole of France and guarantee fast responses commensurate with the urgency of your problem. With CHRONO Flex, you can rest assured your hydraulic hose problems will soon be fixed. Every minute counts, so if you need a hydraulic hose repaired, call us on (+33) (0)826 10 5000.