Maintenance: prevention is better than cure!

Preventative maintenance case study

HERVÉ have chosen to have their hoses checked in the depot to avoid breakdowns on site. Taking preventative measures means that when their equipment is on use on site, they know it’s reliable.

CHRONO Flex is known for its nationwide hydraulic hose expertise. In particular, we’re known for urgent on site help to repair breakdowns for clients who are racing against the clock to get back on schedule.

We’re always ready and willing to save the day! But what we love above all is carrying out prevention work, so we can save you the blow to your image and increased cost that come when work grinds to a halt…

When a hose breaks and construction stops, you have a machine out of action (at the very least) and workers on site with nothing to do. Avoid these problems with preventative maintenance, at the depot or on site, so you can stay one step ahead of breakdowns, keep your site running and avoid the cost of urgent assistance. It’s worth thinking about.

Our technicians visit you when your machines are offline or under maintenance. Then made-to-measure replacement hoses are installed, taking account of the particular technical requirements involved. “There’s no question that I’ve saved time and money with preventative maintenance from CHRONO Flex. I don’t need to worry about hoses, so I can concentrate on my own area of expertise!” explains Sébastien Lecoq, production foreman at HERVÉ, Juigné-des-Moutiers (Loire-Atlantique), a company specialising in public works, quarries and sandpits.

In terms of prevention, our experts will take a look at all of your machinery so that nothing is left to chance. We know that every client is different. We can adapt to your needs, working with your staff: we can manage the entire process from start to finish or simply supply the parts.

As an emergency service, we know all of the sorts of problems that can occur, and we’re only too happy to help you avoid them!

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