World Cup 2018 promotion

Article 1 – Nature of the competition

CHRONO Flex (hereafter the “organising company”), headquartered at 13 rue Olympes de Gouges, Saint-Herblain is organising a free competition from 5 p.m. Monday 4 June 2018 to 6 p.m. Friday 15 June 2018 called “Coupe du monde 2018, soyez prêt ! ” (Let’s get ready for the World Cup) (hereafter “the competition”), as set out in these rules.

Article 2 – Conditions of participation

This free competition is open to all clients who participate by clicking on the link on the email sent to them; by accepting the rules of the competition and by giving their personal details (Last name, First name, Email address, Company) within the time limit specified, except those who have helped create the competition and those companies that have previously informed CHRONO Flex that they do not want their staff to be given gifts (GROUPE KILOUTOU, GROUPE LOXAM, AQUILOC, HERTZ, SALTI, COLAS, EIFFAGE, VEOLIA, etc.).

The competition is subject to French law relating to competitions and contests.

Simply by participating in this competition, entrants accept the entirety of these rules without reservation.

Article 3 – How to take part

This competition can only be entered between the dates set out in Article 1.

The competition is entered by voluntary participation in the game provided. People who have played the game via the web page available during the said period ( will be automatically considered to be participants.

Article 4 – Designation of winners

A winner, drawn at random from all participants who correctly predicted the winning team on Monday 20 June 2018 in Saint Herblain, will be named at the end of the competition.

The winner will be contacted within 7 days by email, using the email address they provided before entering the game, confirming the prize won and how to claim. Any winner who has not responded after 7 days have elapsed since notification of their win was sent will be considered to have renounced their right to the said prize, and it will be given to a new winner.

Article 5 – Prize

The winner will receive a World Cup 2018 football, with a value of €20 (photo in email for illustration only, contents may differ).

Prizes cannot under any circumstances be exchanged for their cash value or any other reward. The organising company cannot be held responsible for how the winners do or do not use their prize. In case of force majeure, the organising company reserves the right to replace the prize with another prize of an equivalent value and type.

Article 6 – Naming of winners and disqualification from competition

The organising company reserves the right to verify the identity of any winner before awarding their prize. Failure to abide by these regulations or any fraud or attempt to cheat, in whatever way, will result in the outright elimination from the competition of the party concerned.

Article 7 – Changes to the competition

CHRONO Flex reserves the right, for any reason whatsoever, to change, extend or cancel this competition.

Article 8 – Participant information

The personal data collected as part of this promotion is held both to allow us to contact the winner and give them their prize, and to allow all participants to benefit from future promotional offers.

These rules are provided in English for information only – only the French original is binding. If you have any questions or need clarification, contact our team via email: