Calais Port 2015 site visit

We were lucky enough to visit the Port de Calais enlargement work and it truly is staggering: a huge budget of 863 million Euros, one-of-a-kind machinery, millions of cubic metres of sand dredged across 90 hectares in record time, an impressive 3.5 kilometre-long dyke protected by concrete blocks weighing 30 tonnes and made in situ, dozens and dozens of construction vehicles operating 24 hours a day… all to accommodate future 240 metre-long ferries.

Calais Port 2015

©Société des Ports du Détroit

One of the largest French infrastructure construction projects of the decade

The port of Calais is thelargest passenger post in continental Europe and the fourth largest goods port in France, with 10 million passengers and 43 million tonnes of freight passing through each year. Constantly growing, forecasts estimated it would be at capacity in 2020/2025.

This prediction prompted the “Calais port 2015” project, designed as a model of sustainable, eco-friendly development.

Port Calais 2015 visit

 Port Calais 2015 visit

To find out more about the construction project, take a look at the latest official photos.

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